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“Lease a mare, get a Foal”


 This was not our idea. It has actually been around a long time, very popular, usually called foal in utero. You are buying a foal to-be. You get to make payments on your purchase price, but we call it leasing the mare. You get the best price possible, sometimes a fraction of what the sale price would be after the foal is born. You pay the set monthly fee and a well baby check and that’s it!

 You are purchasing a foal on potential. You don’t know if it is a girl or a boy, color or any other specifics until the moment it comes. We offer select mares only. Notice only a few mares available. They are all proven broodmares with other foals to compare to. And the stallions, who doesn’t love the stallions?

 It is all for fun, good business and to get you the best foal possible. You are invited to participate any year we have a mare available and not spoken for. We have references from previous year participants and we want you included in the watching the mare grow, and counting the days.

We will personally make every effort to make the terms of the agreement to work to everyone’s satisfaction. It should be an enjoyable and educational experience. I am always available to help with the horse or answer any questions. For you new owners, you will not be left alone to fend or stress by yourselves. I will be there for from start to finish.

  Now start watching mommy grow, and picking out names. You are in for the time of your life!


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